Recognizing the tremendous potential for real estate infrastructure development, Saishakti Infrastructure private limited was founded in 2006 to build and manage quality properties around Hyderabad. Saishakti has, since then earned a resounding reputation for building the finest homes in the choicest locations. With their dedication to quality and innovative concepts and futuristic vision with each of their ventures, they have been stretching the definition of comfort, convenience and luxury in urban dwellings.

Saishakti presents the custom of framing foremost homes with alluring amenities and unique infrastructure. The apartments present new touchstone in comfort, charm and lavish. Easily living, expertly designed torelax, cheer and to tone up bonds of happy family experience. Our motto is to transform urbanization process from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Saishakti group is led by a group of professionals from diverse and rich background, who are fully prepared to take the challenges of tomorrow’s marketplace. With our primany focus on Quality, Long term client relations and Obtaining a trusted name in the industry.